New features have been added to the hay map!

We just finished updating our hay map by adding colored markers that indicate the “freshness” of ads

Each ad on the website is represented by a map marker on the hay map. Clicking on the markers reveals a link to view more details about the ad. Before this update all of the markers were a simple default red color.

The markers now provide a visual representation of the age of ads on the site by assigning a color to each marker based on how long ago an ad was published.

It just seemed right to use green, light green, and yellow similar to how hay changes color with time.

green map markerAds 1-30 days old are indicated by the green markers

lime map markerAds 30-60 days old are indicated with light green markers

yellow map markerAds 60+ days old are indicated with yellow markers

New colorful markers dot the hay map

hay map

In addition to the color of the marker, the specific age of the ads can be found in the infowindow by clicking on the map marker.

Try the new hay map now