Last updated October 31, 2017

Any use of [the website] or use of information found on the website is subject to these terms of use that are subject to change at any time.

1. I am at least 18 years old.

2. I understand that ads posted on the website are posted by individuals or businesses themselves and have nothing to do with the website owner(s) or representative(s).

3. I agree that the website and its owner(s) and representative(s) are not responsible for the content of these ads, can not monitor the content of all ads posted on the website, and can not assure the item(s) being offered are fairly represented or potential scams.

4. I will be wary of potential scams and fraud and use caution when making contact with unknown individuals.

5. I will only make purchases face to face and not make purchases based solely on information I found on the website.

6. I agree to take unconditional responsibility for the use of any information I find on the website.

7. I agree when posting an ad to represent my item(s) accurately and honestly. I understand that when posting an ad I may include my address and contact details and know that some of this information is optional. If I submit my ad with this optional information I understand that a map with my address and other contact information I provide may be available on the website and can be viewed by anyone.

8. I understand that any ad I post, whether a free or a paid ad, may be removed from the website at any time, for any reason, by the website administrator(s) and I accept that no explanation may be given for the removal of ads.

9. I understand that paid ads on the website are not refundable.

10. I agree to take no any legal action against the owner(s) or representative(s) of the website for any reason and not to involve the owner(s) or representative(s) of the website in any legal matters I am involved with. I agree not to permit my attorney to subpoena the website owner(s) or representative(s) or information related to or found on the website to a trial, hearing, deposition, or arbitration.

11. In posting an ad to the website I agree to receive email notifications and updates to the email that I provided when posting the ad.

12. In posting an ad to the website I agree that any photos I include with my ad are my own photos. I further agree to grant the website owner(s) and representative(s) unrestricted use of the photo(s) on the website, forums and social media websites, in advertising and marketing, and/or however they see fit without further permission.