By: Marie Dela Cruz

With the internet available in the palm of your hands, getting news and information is easy. The question is, ‘Where do I start looking?’. For the latest news in the agricultural circle or a simple ‘how to’ guide. Here is a list of five sites you should add to your browser history.

Hay and Forage Grower: From ‘how to: alfalfa’ to the newest John Deere model, Hay and Forage is a great way to get informed. With topics covering livestock, farming life, equipments and businesses, you will stay updated with the current events! Need to know the future of corn? Add this site to your daily dose of news. Check them out at .

Progressive Forage: Read about current agricultural news, events, new technology and new forage products affecting hay and forage producers. Offering credible research based articles and online content from popular Progressive Forage columnists as well as comments from Progressive Forage editor Lynn Jaynes. The Progressive Forage magazine subscription is available in digital and physical copies at .

Our One Acre Farm: Have a question on handling chickens or tracking wildlife? This site is a great way to get informed on the foraging focus of the agricultural field. The site also offer recipes from home gardens shared by the site owner, Janet Pesaturo. Janet is an incredible woman who shares her passion for foraging within the agricultural community. You can find her articles at .

Beginning Farmers: This site is perfect for those who are just starting out. Beginning Farmers.Org offers a variety of resources such as: employment and apprenticeship opportunities as well as basic farming information and instructional videos. From sustainable to urban farming, this site arranges the basic guidelines to help you materialize the farm of your dreams. There are more information at .

Access Agriculture: Farming is a global practice. Access Agriculture is an international level NGO that offer agricultural training videos in other languages. Their mission is “To be a global leader enabling south-south exchange of and access to quality audio-visual training materials to secure sustainable livelihoods of smallholder farmers and users of natural resources.” This site is a great place to learn about sustainable agriculture in rural international and local farms. You can visit them at .

The Agricultural community is a vast community that extends globally. Listed above are five sites to gain more information whether you’re new or experienced. Not only do they offer information but also chats and forums to connect with those within your community.