Alfalfa Hay for Sale. Lucerne Hay for sale

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Date Added: March 13, 2023
Location: Dallas, Texas
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Hay Type: Alfalfa Hay for Sale. Lucerne Hay for sale
Quantity Available: 10,500 ton
Bale Weight: Small Square bales (100-150 LBS)
Bale Weight: Round Big bales (1400-1600 LBS)
Storage Method: Inside/Outside (Barn)

Protein Content …… 20%
Moisture Content ….. 55-70%DM, 5-6.0 pH
RFV ….. 185-195 | Low Ammonia & High Fiber
Packaging: As Buyer Demands
Shipping: 2-3 Days within USA and 15-20 Days worldwide

Alfalfa Hay for sale is a high-fiber legume hay. It has the same long–strand fiber found in grass hays, only it has more protein, energy and calcium. In general alfalfa has 120% more energy than oat hay. Our alfalfa hay is very fine stemmed and weed free with lots of color. All sizes of animals love our alfalfa hay including rabbits, goats, sheep, horses and cattle. please text on (405) 357-8866



Hay For Sale in Texas

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