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Date Added: December 14, 2021
Location: Glendale Heights, Illinois
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Hay For Sale

Hay for Sale!

1st Cutting 2019 Grass/Alfalfa mix in Marengo, IL

Stored inside since baled, thru 11/20/21.

Now, on hay wagons with a tarp over, parked outside.

Was the 1st layer hay on floor.

Floor mostly covered with plastic, balance gravel.

Most of hay has moisture damage on bottom one inch.

Balance is Excellent!

Also, have 4′ x 5′ round bales about 3/4 full.

Square Quantity and Price = 500 square bales as of 11/30/21, at $5.00 per bale.

Round Quantity and Price = 8 round bales as of 11/30/21 at $50.00 per bale.



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