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  • drought resources

    Send drought resource suggestions for submission to new drought resources page.

    Drought Resources page has just been added to the site so we can collect and share information about sourcing forage, especially hay and alfalfa in times of drought. Please share your suggestions for International, US and State drought resources with Thanks! Photo by Dan …

  • Hay For Sale

    New Market for Hay Equipment and Hay Auctions

    We have recently enabled the posting of hay auctions and hay equipment from our post an ad form. Ads posted in these new ad categories will appear along with the default hay for sale ads for now on the browse ads page. In development are …

  • Round Hay Bale Pic

    Had an issue selling hay with Google Chrome browser?

    We recently discovered an issue with Chrome browser not allowing visitors to complete the sell hay form. Once we discovered the problem we were able to apply a solution quickly and for those of you who use Chrome this issue has now been completely resolved. …

  • opening categories in canada and australia

    Coming soon.. post ads in Canada and Australia

    We’re going international and opening new regional categories by the end of May that will include Canadian and Australian regional categories. We have a number of visitors from these countries where people are also looking for grass and alfalfa hay for their livestock. Once the …

  • Hay Spoilage

    Hay Spoilage Calculator

    Just added: The hay spoilage calculator can determine the percent of spoiled hay in a round bale with hay damage. Check out this new tool on the tools > hay spoilage calculator page.

  • show or hide your email address when posting hay bales for sale

    New ad option, hide email

    New post ad option If you don’t want to show your email address with your ad on the site you now have the option to elect whether to show your email address or not. If you chose not to show your email address be aware …

  • hay map full screen option

    Immerse yourself in our hay map

    New feature added: To improve the usability of our hay map, you can now enter “Full screen” mode by clicking on the Full screen button in the upper right corner of the map. This is similar to watching a video online in full screen mode …

  • hay map

    Ad “freshness” feature enhances hay map

    New features have been added to the hay map! In addition to the color of the marker, the specific age of the ads can be found in the infowindow by clicking on the map marker.

  • report scams

    Report scammers on the FBI’s IC3 website

    Take action to stop scammers! What can you do? Please use this websites flagging feature to report suspicious ads and potential scams to the website administrator(s). We take all reports seriously and will look into your report and take appropriate action with the information you …