Determine acres of a hay field

An acre is a unit of land defined as 22 yards by 220 yards and roughly equivalent to the size of a football field. Try our acreage calculator to determine the number of acres by entering length and width measurements in Imperial feet or Metric meters. The calculator returns acres instantly and rounds the result to 5 decimal places.

The historical definition of an acre

“Acre” is most likely a British term that originally intended to describe how much land could be tilled by a pair of oxen in a single day* If one was to make a “square acre” each side would be about 208 feet wide. Would the result be under or over an acre? Enter the dimensions to see for yourself!

What’s an acre good for?

  • A football field
  • An 1100′ x 40′ airplane runway
  • 16 tennis courts
  • About 190 bushels of corn
  • About 4 tons of hay (~133 60# bales)

*Ref: Wikipedia

Acreage Calculator