Horse and Cattle Hay for Sale 4 X 5 Round bales two types

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Date Added: July 22, 2017
Location: Ringgold, Virginia
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Horse and Cattle Hay for Sale 4 X 5 Round bales two types

Excellent hay, Spring Cut!. Looks great! Under shelter. The hay is predominately Orchard, Fescue and Clover (note: clover can be given after it has been cultivated with no issues for you horse). The bales are 4 x 5 and weigh approximately 750 to 800-lbs. This is equal to 16 square bales that weigh 50-lbs. each.

The hay is Spring Cut. The hay is also clean cut with no weeds or stems. We culture our hay to try to be the best for our customers and their animals. THIS HAY IS DRY AND HAS NOT BEEN RAINED ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Our hay is stored under shelter that is breathable, so the hay will not sweat due to condensation or enclosed heat. Moisture content is between 12 and 14 when stored.

Our customers are primarily horse enthusiast for over 15 years, we do sale to Cattle, Sheep, and Goat owners.

We do deliver for an additional $5 per bale and it has to be a full load. We can bring 14 rolls or 19 rolls, nothing less. We can come up to a 20 mile radius from Ringgold. Anything over 20 miles will be an additional $5 per roll. Call for more information.

We have 90% Clover bales for $45 a roll, great protein for Cattle and Horses.

No texting, I will not answer any texts messages! You are welcome to e-mail or call the following numbers:

NO CHECKS, only cash!!!
434-203-6690 or 434-579-5734 or 434-251-8787


Horse and Cattle Hay for Sale 4 X 5 Round bales two types


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