Premium Horse Hay

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Date Added: July 20, 2017
Location: Stevensville, Montana
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Premium Horse Hay

We grow our horse hay in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. We do our best to grow premium grass horse hay. This is hay BY horse people FOR horse people. Our bales are small squares; averaging 78 pounds. The grass mix is approximately 65% orchard grass, 30% Timothy & 5 % brome. We do not bring any hay in from outside sources.

Many of our regular customers have started buying a ton of our second cutting in addition to their regular orders to give their horses a treat. Our second cutting hay is always beautiful, green and very soft.

Our hay is stored inside our hay buildings up on pallets, so there are no bottom bales to contend with. There is absolutely no rain on any of our hay. Know what you’re getting and get to know your grower; one of the best compliments we receive is that horses eat every bite of our hay. One of our new hay clients refers to our hay as “champagne hay”. We invite potential and current customers to come and look at our hay fields, and if you can time it right, watch how we produce our hay – we have a different system than many growers in the valley.

We have the ability to load almost any flat bed trailer with our 10 pack, and we have an outside source to make delivery available. We have the ability to load semi trucks.


Premium Horse Hay


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