SMALL SQUARES HAY SALE!! Mixed Grass, Alfalfa and Teff

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Date Added: July 13, 2017
Location: Victoria, Illinois
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SMALL SQUARES HAY SALE!! Mixed Grass, Alfalfa and Teff

We are extending our hay sale — while supplies last!
With a minimum purchase of 504 bales (24 bundles), all grass mix hay is $3.50/bale, alfalfa $4.80/bale.
For purchases less than 504 bales, grass mix hay is $4/bale and alfalfa $5.50/bale.
Also have a limited supply of teff small squares, $5/bale.

We are a family-run hay operation located in west central IL (Victoria, IL).
Our grass mix is a unique blend of approximately 10% alfalfa and 90% mixture of birdsfoot trefoil, brome, orchard, timothy and clover.
Bales weigh approximately 45-50 lbs.
Small squares are in 21-bale bundles.
We load.
Hay can be picked up at the barn or we can arrange delivery for an extra fee.
We ship nationwide.
Go to our website at for more info.



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