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HayforSaleAds.com is a user and mobile friendly web site where you can browse ads to find hay bales for sale near you, register for hay alerts, view our hay map, search by state, and more. Hay producers and sellers can post free ads for hay and no registration is required to post. Finding hay for sale should be easier than finding a needle in a haystack! Get started now by exploring the web site...

Browse Ads for Hay

From the browse ads page you can enter your city, state OR ZIP / postal code to find hay bales for sale near your location. The results that are displayed show distance(in miles and kilometers) from the location you entered. If you don't provide a location, the most recent hay for sale ads are shown first.

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Hay Map

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Use our hay map to visualize where nearby ads are posted. On the map each ad is indicated by a map marker. Click on the map markers for a link to more details about the ad including contact info.

Hay Alerts

Our exclusive Hay Alert system will notify you when new ads for hay are posted in your area. To register for hay alerts enter a valid email address and zip code. When new ads for hay are posted within 50 miles of your location the system will automatically send you an email alert.

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Recently Updated! Want to drill down to individual states? You can view all ads by state, province or other region. View the regions page to find links to individual state/province/region pages.

Our Top 10 most popular regions:

  1. Texas
  2. Virginia
  3. Illinois
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Colorado
  6. Michigan
  7. Ohio
  8. Tennessee
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Florida

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Post a hay for sale ad - No registration required, listed immediately, and sent to users of our hay alert system in your area.

Need to make sure your ad gets found? Select a Featured Ad and get promoted to the top of local and state searches, highlight, badging, and optional extra pics.

Once you post an ad and confirm your email your hay is listed immediately.

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Hay Spoilage Calculator

Do you have hay with damage or are you considering buying hay that has damage? Use our hay spoilage calculator to determine the percent of damage by entering dimensions for round bales and depth of spoilage.

Acreage Calculator

Try our handy acreage calculator for a quick reference for rectangular field dimensions to acres. Learn what else you can do with an acre of land and the history of the word "acre".

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